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大约75年前, 亿百体育平台 was founded as the first integrated school in 华盛顿, DC, 亿百体育学校是长期存在的 致力于多样性、公平和包容 是基于那段历史的吗. Our founders envisioned a school in which children would learn joyfully, 在那里他们会受到有意义的挑战, and in which their education would prepare them to engage as changemakers locally, 在全国范围内, 甚至在全球范围内. They established 亿百体育 as a school where children love to learn and learn to change the world.

如何 do we create an environment where our students both love school and develop the capacity and will to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond? The cultivation of such an environment is grounded in some of our foundational beliefs about children. 在亿百体育亿百体育相信:

  • 孩子们想要学习. It is not unusual to find a curious kindergartener who delights at the prospect of listening to a story or discovering a new topic. The trick is to sustain this sense of wonder throughout a child’s education. I’m proud of the curiosity still exhibited by our 中学 and 高中 students, 被充满激情的老师所激励的年轻人, 从事同行, and pedagogy that honors their intrinsic desire to know and explore. 
  • 孩子们有能力代表自己行事. Stories of 1st grade students protesting the relocation of a sandbox, or 5th graders petitioning to have the day off after Halloween, 亿百体育里有很多人吗. 事实是,这些故事不是自己发生的. They happen in part because we encourage the sparks of activism and voice that we see in young people, bathing them in stories of other activists who have used 他们的声音 to advocate for justice. And they happen in part because we refrain from extinguishing student’s independence by solving problems for them. It was in my third week at 亿百体育 that I noticed a six-year-old walking down the hallway by herself. “你要去哪里??”我问. “美术室,”她回答. “你需要帮忙吗??我问她. She looked at me puzzled and responded,  “I know where the art room is!” 
  • 孩子本质上是好的. Children understand intuitively whether adults believe in their inherent goodness. 在亿百体育, 人们相信孩子们会做出正确的选择, whether it is the unaccompanied six-year-old described above or the 高中 students who have an open campus. Of course we know that children make mistakes and need appropriate feedback to learn. And yet we view this as a necessary part of their learning and not an indictment of their character.
  • 孩子们独特的身份是力量的源泉. Our founders intuitively understood something that research has since borne out—diverse learning environments are inherently more effective. Students learn more when they have an opportunity to learn alongside students and teachers who both mirror their identities and those whose identities are different. When children are seen, known, and loved for their unique selves, they will thrive. 
  • When children are treated with dignity by adults, they respond in kind. Walk into a 中学 classroom before school and you will often find a teacher sitting at her desk, 被学生包围. Our students are eager to share their lives with their teachers because the teachers listen carefully and are invested in who their students are and who they are becoming. This same truth is made manifest in the 高中 when witnessing an English teacher sitting on a couch next to a student, 复习一篇论文. 对每个作者的关注, reflected in both copious comments shared on a draft and in the seriousness of the conversation in a coaching session, 讲述了一个学生, “我看你. 我很重视你. 你有重要的话要说, and I want to help you say it in the most compelling way possible.” It is no surprise that when I ask seniors what has been the most influential part of their 亿百体育 experience, 他们一次又一次地点名他们的老师.

Oftentimes I hear 亿百体育 families talk about 亿百体育’s “special sauce.“这是怎么回事?, 他们想知道, that 亿百体育 students seem to both love school and care deeply about what they’re doing? 答案其实很简单. 当年轻人因他们的好奇心而受到尊重时, 他们独特的身份, 他们的声音, 他们的善良和能力, 他们茁壮成长. This is the foundation that was laid by our founders 75 years ago. It’s one that we are fortunate to be able to build on today.



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