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亿百体育亲和组是员工的组, students and parents, aimed at bringing together individuals with a common identity while offering guidance and support. 它们是亿百体育任务不可分割的一部分.
These affinity groups support the school’s goal of making sure all in the 亿百体育 community feel loved, supported, seen and heard. 考虑到这是亿百体育任务的关键部分, most affinity groups at 亿百体育 are open to allies — individuals who may not share the affinity group’s specific identity but who otherwise share an interest in it.

What is an Affinity Group?
亲和性组是指其成员共享特定身份的组. 亲和关系组将具有共同标识符的人聚集在一起, such as race, gender, religion, family status, etc. 小组成员可以从“我”的角度谈论他们共同的身份, 知道他们可以不加评判地做真实的自己.

  • 亲和团体可以并且确实充当团体成员的支持系统.
  • 亲和团体可以帮助识别, interpret, 打断和消除压迫或歧视的根源.
  • Affinity groups are safe spaces.

At 亿百体育 we currently have:

  • 3 Faculty/Staff Affinity Groups
  • 7 Parent Affinity Groups
  • 2 MS Student Affinity Groups
  • 15 HS Student Affinity Groups 

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