Smiling 高中 girls with cameras.
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Well-rounded thinkers blossom through arts education.

亿百体育 believes that the educational development of the whole person requires comprehensive, in-depth exposure to the arts, beginning in pre-K all the way through to grade 12. 亿百体育 students' access to art education builds their ability to make sense of the world around them, as well as their creativity, 批判性思维, 解决问题, and collaboration 技能—all essential for success in the 21st century. 在亿百体育, students experience art integrated into the curriculum on an everyday basis, both through in-classroom activities and through studio or performing arts.


The arts program is an essential part of the 亿百体育平台 低/中学 curriculum, offering students an in-depth study of drama, 音乐, 还有视觉艺术. The program provides a variety of opportunities for students to develop their interests, 技能, and appreciation of the arts.
Hallway filled with pictures of birds
Three self-portraits of different students
The word %22Mars%22 with lots of astronomy imagery
Picture looking into a bedroom
Students pose in front of clay heads
Students rehearsing in the Black Box
Students learning dance in the multipurpose room.


Known for its strong arts program, the 亿百体育 高中 offers students extensive courses in both studio and performing arts that allow for general exploration in the world of the arts as well as in-depth study. Each student is required to take two years of arts courses, one year in the performing arts and one in studio arts. Many students take 3 or 4 years of courses, some moving from basic level courses to advanced studies in one discipline, others moving among disciplines. 今天, 亿百体育 alumni may be found in virtually every art field, from working artists to museum curators and gallery owners, from set designers to film and stage actors and directors.
高中 student artwork of the Northern Lights.
Wide shot of student performers on stage and audience
Student performers on stage
Three students playing jazz instruments
Student jazz 音乐ians performing on stage
Students looking thoughtfully at a white sculpture
Artwork of girl sitting on tires
Painting of middle aged woman and young man
Painting of bridge going into a spiral sun
Painting of girl in repose in rainforest
Student pensively looking at four paintings of himself
Painting of two women on a stage looking down



avg years experience for LMS arts teachers


LMS Student hours per week on the arts


LMS general 音乐 teachers have Orff certification


avg years experience for HS performing arts teachers


of HS student entrants regularly win Scholastic Art Regional Awards



中学 Band Performances

Students in 中学 band worked diligently this semester in their virtual lessons and their in-person, 小组排练


亿百体育 alumni artists connected with current 亿百体育 students who share an interest in art and storytelling.


"Outer Spaceways Incorporated" by Sun Ra with Brad Linde and a 亿百体育 creative 音乐 class


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